An important part of running a business effectively lies in your ability to manage any unplanned setbacks. Business insurance is a powerful tool for financially protecting the many things that are at stake if you experience serious issues that prevent ‘business as usual’.

Business insurance makes good financial sense. If you’re a business owner and your business income depends on you being able to work, your business could suffer significantly if you were to become totally disabled by illness or injury and are unable to work.

Business Insurance offers many features including:

  • If you can’t work in your business because you are totally disabled, the insurer will provide an amount to reimburse eligible business overheads.
  • An insurer will reimburse the extra costs of employing a replacement person while you are unable to work (over and above the income they generate) to keep your business going.
  • An insurer will start to reimburse your expenses after the waiting period you choose (often between 2 and 13 weeks).
  • To help you make a full recovery, an Insurer can pay a lump sum (up to 12 times the monthly benefit payable if you were totally disabled) to go towards rehabilitation costs. These include alterations to your home to help you recover, or a rehabilitation program (including training).

Other features often included are:

  • Cover for complications arising from pregnancy
  • World-wide cover
  • Benefits paid while overseas
  • Airfare assistance
  • No waiting period if you suffer a relapse within a year of receiving your benefit

Business Survival Cover

Business Survival Cover provides your business with a monthly benefit if you or a key person in your business is unable to work for more than 10 hours a week because of illness or injury.

You choose how to best spend this money to keep your business running smoothly. This may include:

  • Replacing lost revenue;
  • Paying your salary;
  • Meeting ongoing financial obligations; and
  • Covering the cost of finding replacement staff.

As the amount of your monthly payment is agreed at the time you take out Business Survival Cover, you’re given the certainty of knowing exactly how much you would receive come claim time.

Other features include:

  • Worldwide cover
  • No waiting period if you suffer a relapse within a year of your benefit ceasing.

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Important note: This information provides a general summary of the key features of the products described and is subject to change without notice. Full details including Definitions, Exclusions, Terms and Conditions are set out in the Policy Document and Schedule, which is available on request.

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