Although none of us know what life has in store, you can plan for the unexpected.

Disability insurance (often known as Total & Permanent Disability) is a lump sum benefit and is your financial protection should the unexpected happen and you’re unable to ever work again because of total and permanent disability. Disability insurance means that while you and your family try and get through a difficult time, it will help give you financial peace of mind.

Disability Insurance protects you with the following:

If you become totally and permanently disabled and are unable to work again, you can receive a lump sum payment that can make it easier for you and those most important to you to cope with the financial impact.
You can use the lump sum to pay for rehabilitation and any renovations you might need to make to your home. Or make sure all the important expenses are taken care of such as your home loan, any debts you have or your children’s education.
If you run a business, you could use your lump sum to make sure your business continues to operates smoothly.

What does totally and permanently disabled mean?

Disability Insurance claim can be made if you become totally and permanently disabled.

Disablement means that you are totally and permanently disabled if you become ill or injured for a specified period requiring regular and ongoing medical care and can’t perform one of the following:

  • regular paying work that you were performing before the illness, accident or injury and any other work for which you are reasonably suited by education, training and experience.
  • your own occupation (optional benefit).
  • home duties and looking after dependents due to disablement.
  • you are not able to do at least 2 of the 5 activities of daily living (as defined in the policy document) without help from somebody else.
  • you suffer permanent cognitive impairment of the brain requiring ongoing continuous care and supervision.

The insurer will also regard you as totally and permanently disabled if you lose permanent use of limbs or eyes, or one limb and eye as a result of an accident.

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Important note: This information provides a general summary of the key features of the products described and is subject to change without notice. Full details including Definitions, Exclusions, Terms and Conditions are set out in the Policy Document and Schedule, which is available on request. This document contains information of a general nature only. If you would like advice that takes into account your particular financial situation or goals, please contact your Adviser.

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