Why is life insurance and disability so important?

You work hard all your life to achieve your goals. Whether it’s buying a house, having a family or living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Life insurance is crucial to financially protect the people and the things you value most. If something should happen to you, your life insurance and disability insurances can enable your family to continue on without the added stresses of financial hardship.

Features of life insurance

Life insurance can give you the financial protection you and your family need. In the event of your death, a lump sum is paid, so that your family can be protected financially.

You are also covered if you become terminally ill and are not expected to live for more than 12 months. Normally this won’t cost you anything extra and it means you can cover expenses such as medical costs, childcare or even taking a holiday with your family.

Life insurance and disability protection options

We offer a comprehensive range of insurance products from a number of life companies that provide financial protection should you suffer illness, injury, lose the ability to work or die. These products include:

  • Life insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Business insurance
  • Workplace insurance

To find out more about life insurance and disability insurance products, talk to us.

One of our Advisers can help you work out the most appropriate insurance for your individual needs and ensure you are properly financially covered should the unexpected happen.


Important note: This information provides a general summary of the key features of the products described and is subject to change without notice. Full details including Definitions, Exclusions, Terms and Conditions are set out in the Policy Document and Schedule, which is available on request.

This document contains information of a general nature only. If you would like advice that takes into account your particular financial situation or goals, please contact your Adviser.

A disclosure statement is available from your Adviser on request and free of charge.