Nothing should prevent you from having the life you want. You should be free to work, play, and simply enjoy the things you do. Trauma insurance provides vital financial protection and helps give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen. It helps you, and those closest to you, work through this time more easily and preserve what’s most important in your lives together.

Trauma is also known as Crisis, Critical Care Serious illness and Living Assurance and helps protect you if the unexpected happens such such as; heart attack, cancer, stroke or a wide range of other serious illnesses. In such an event  people may need:

  • to cover or repay debt to remove financial pressure while a person deals with a serious illness
  • their partner and/or family to take unpaid leave to assist and support in the recovery process and/or
  • to cover child care costs and/or
  • access expensive medications that are not covered by Pharmac (or only available offshore) and/or
  • require expensive medical procedures or organ donation not available in New Zealand and/or
  • re-evaluate their life and make changes to their lifestyle or occupation.

Having a lump sum to fund the above can remove the financial stress while you focus on recovery.

How much trauma insurance do you need?

It’s your choice. What you protect depends on the lifestyle you and those most important to you enjoy. You can use the lump sum payment to help ensure you have the financial means to maintain that lifestyle.

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A disclosure statement is available from your Adviser on request and free of charge.