Taking care of your people with workplace insurance can help your business succeed.

By providing your employees with financial support for both them and their families, you can reap the rewards of productivity and loyalty from employees who feel valued.

AMP offers a complete package of flexible workplace insurance options for both small and large businesses.

Workplace insurance options

- AMP Workplace Protection Package (for 5 or more employees)
- AMP Workplace Protection Plan (for 10 or more employees)

Both options provide:

- cover and financial protection for your people, to fit within your budget;
- bulk discounted prices and other benefits based on the number of people to be financially protected; and
- guaranteed premiums for up to 3 years.

AMP Workplace Protection Package (for 5 or more employees)

This financial protection package is specially designed to fit the needs of small New Zealand businesses. It’s also easy to put in place so that you can focus on building your business knowing your people are financially protected.

Your AMP Workplace Protection Package provides your people with:

- Life Protection of $50,000;
- Trauma Protection of $10,000;
- Income Protection of 75% of salary, for two years with an eight week wait(Max $2,000 per month); an affordable pricing structure; the option to continue cover (in certain circumstances) if your business has over 10 employees; and
no health evidence required.

AMP Workplace Protection Plan (for 10 or more employees)

For large businesses your Adviser can put together a customised plan giving a range of employee financial protection options, including:

Life Protection with optional Total and Permanent Disablement
A lump sum is paid to an employee in the event of death or a terminal illness. This can be based on fixed amounts or multiples of salary. There’s also an option to include accelerated Disablement Cover which would pay a lump sum benefit payment to an employee if they were unable to continue working, as a result of permanent disablement.

Income Protection
Provides a regular monthly income to an employee if they are unable to work due to an accident or illness. Benefit periods range from 1 year through to age 65 and cover is up to 75% of salary.

Trauma Protection
Provides a lump sum benefit payable to an employee if they’re diagnosed with one of 40 specified illnesses or injuries, including suffering a major stroke, heart attack or cancer.

Your AMP Workplace Protection Plan also provides your people with:

- A premium discount of 2.5% if you include more than one of our Workplace Protection products.
- Cover available for partners of employees.
- Automatic Acceptance Levels (AALs) which let you choose a set level of cover at which there are no underwriting requirements.
- Continuation Options which mean employees who leave the Workplace Protection Plan may be able to continue with their cover on an individual basis.

Important note: This information provides a general summary of the key features of the products described and is subject to change without notice. Full details including Definitions, Exclusions, Terms and Conditions are set out in the Policy Document and Schedule, which is available on request.

This document contains information of a general nature only. If you would like advice that takes into account your particular financial situation or goals, please contact your Adviser.

To find out more about Workplace Insurance, talk to us.

A disclosure statement is available from your Adviser on request and free of charge.